A Return to Dragonfly

After 8 easy months on the hard with nary a hurricane in sight, Dragonfly was happy to see us, and we her.

Since we left her in May, Dragonfly had a short trip of 200 meters as the yard needed to launch another sailboat stored behind her.

Traveling is always interesting. At the Miami airport we came across a debit card left behind at an ATM. It was a challenge explaining to a group of four airport employees why we wanted to give them a debit card since nobody spoke English.

Lonely luggage – the perfect ad for Apple Air Tags. Sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes.
Always a welcome sign

Life in the marina – Dragonfly is on the hard, called this because she is on dry land for safe, trouble free storage.

Fresh coat of bottom paint.
Transmission C drive serviced, though it was a bit of a do over as the yard didn’t get the wear bearing mounted properly.
Nicholas installing the new Spectra loops for the mainsheet blocks. New halyards too.
The forward stateroom doubles as a sail locker when on the hard.
The guys installing the new automatic fire extinguisher in the engine room must have thought the owner was looking forward to cleaning up after them.
After the scary and dangerous unfortunate bow thruster incident on the last day of last season, we had the entire electrical system replaced.
Our brand new custom cockpit canvas cover looks and fits great.
Our neighbors on the hard with the blue water and green hills beyond.
The contractors working on Dragonfly could not find a tall enough ladder in the yard. Not a problem – they lowered the swim platform tied a short ladder to it, then found a couple of railroad type ties to rest the ladder upon. Not sure what the rusty propane tank is there for – maybe they used it and upgraded to the railroad ties. Kind of exciting leaving the boat at the end of a long day.
But the first Painkiller is the best!

All this in the first 24 hours! More adventures ahead….

One thought on “A Return to Dragonfly

  1. Wow. A real, huge job maintaining your boat. Glad you have such good help. Are you planning a Spring/Summer trip? We have been fortunate during the rains to have no problems; yet, others in the bay area have not been so lucky . David’s home 🏡 In Santa Cruz has also survived unscathed. I’ll send a couple pix from our three days in SF with Richard and the girls Marion


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