The End of a Season

It’s quite an undertaking to get ready for life ashore – lots of physical work to prepare Dragonfly and mental work to readjust to life ashore in the Land O’ Plenty.

Dragonfly at the unrigging dock at Clarkes Court Boatyard in Grenada

Mr Insurance Man in London said we could leave Dragonfly in the Caribbean as long as we were south of 10 degrees 12 minutes north latitude, so the south coast of Grenada is now our boat’s home for the hurricane season.

Too heavy to lift, the Genoa is moved down below for storage with the help of the spinnaker halyard
Look who’s coming to dinner!
Dinghy upside down and tucked in bed under a tarp for sun protection

Taking the boat out of the water makes the most sense as there are fewer risks, and so the sails come off, the dinghy gets stored, the canvas bimini is removed, the water maker pickled, basically everything is unrigged.

Moving into the slings
Two divers will properly position the slings
In the slings and getting power washed
8 guys transfer Dragonfly from the 242 ton Travelift to an adjustable hydraulic trailer pulled by a tractor that can get in tight spaces.
Airline straps attach to all four corners of the boat and are tied off to large concrete blocks that are put in place with a Bobcat

And so when it’s all done and Dragonfly is securely stored in the boatyard, it’s time to head home and start looking forward to next season and all the places to be explored.

Whew! Both negative!
Already thinking about a future anchorage.

3 thoughts on “The End of a Season

  1. Thanks for all the photos of the “take-out.” Much more involved than one can imagine who has never done it before. Not like taking a San Juan 24 out of the water.


  2. Looks like a very secure place for your beautiful boat. Hope we see you soon to hear first hand how your trip was. Cheers!


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