Wandering about, meeting people, listening, sharing

Random photos and stories from our adventures

  • A Return to Dragonfly
    After 8 easy months on the hard with nary a hurricane in sight, Dragonfly was happy to see us, and we her. Traveling is always interesting. At the Miami airport we came […]
  • The End of a Season
    It’s quite an undertaking to get ready for life ashore – lots of physical work to prepare Dragonfly and mental work to readjust to life ashore in the Land O’ Plenty. Mr […]
  • The People You Meet Along the Way
    Brigitte and Gerald Brigitte and Gerald live full time on a sister ship of Dragonfly – Jetlag is an Amel Super Maramu and they were docked directly across from us when we […]
  • Universal Truths
    When traveling we often look for how things are different because that interests us. But, when we find that things are the same, this is when it becomes fascinating. For when we […]
  • A Submerged Sculpture Park in Grenada
    Having tied the dinghy to the park service float, deployed the boarding ladder, and fitted our snorkel masks and fins, we slipped off the Hypalon tubes and into Molinere Bay. Protected by […]
  • Life Underwater
    Just off the coast of Carriacou is a picture postcard island, uninhabited, nothing but sand, palm trees, tide pools and a pristine coral reef teeming with a tremendous variety of sea life. […]
  • Moonhole – A Place Like No Other
    We sailed south out of the Bequai harbor in a mild 15 knot ENE trade wind. Looking out to port, we spotted a series of stone buildings nestled on the tree covered […]
  • Another Walk Across an Island
    Union is the southernmost of the group of islands forming Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, an independently governed country still part of the British Commonwealth. The first European settlers were Frenchmen who […]
  • A Trip Back in Time: Garden of Eden
    Leaving the gravel parking lot at the head of the dinghy dock, Sam turned his taxi away from Kingstown and headed up into the lush green hills. Meeting oncoming traffic became a […]
  • A Walk Across an Island
    A flexibility muscle is the most important thing to have on a boat. Having left the marina for a planned short sail to the Tobago Cays, a couple of surprise mechanical issues […]

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3 thoughts on “Wandering about, meeting people, listening, sharing

  1. Hi there! We are on the move. Currently we are in St Thomas and will be in Grenada by June 1. What are your plans with Dragonfly over the next few months? We would love to catchup.


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