Bequai – The Real Caribbean

Bequai is one of the islands in the Grenadines. The Grenadines are separate and distinct from Grenada. The Grenadines also include the Tobago Cays, and these are separate and distinct from Tobago which is part of Trinidad and Tobago. 

The point of this is that it’s nearly impossible to figure all this out without coming here, reading the charts, navigating the passages, dropping the anchor and exploring each island. 

Our first stop in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was Bequai, a small, sailboat friendly island with one town that fortunately includes a Customs and Immigration office.

After Martinique we were now in the Real Caribbean – reggae music, Rasta hats, beach shacks with Carib beer and grilled chicken, clear turquoise waters and long sandy beaches.

Provisioning at Doris’ house
Late lunch at Frangipanni
After buying a T-shirt and two bracelets from Daphne, she exclaimed “I’m gonna drink some rum tonight!”
Community Art Center
Historical gardens

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  1. I’m ready to come explore the grenadines worth you! Wetting my appetite

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