The Pitons of Saint Lucia

The Pitons of Saint Lucia are famous among Caribbean sailors and many make the stop in Soufrierre to anchor in their shadow.

After our close friends Nicole and Mark left, we were ready to buy provisions, take our covid tests and clear out of customs so we could leave Martinique and head south. But NO, not so fast.

The tests came back positive so we certainly weren’t going to another country yet.

We isolated on anchor for several days and then retested negative. Whew. Now we can leave Martinique and head for Saint Lucia.

The winds and seas were up but Dragonfly handled everything easily. It was good for us to feel 6-8’ seas and learn how the boat kept it relatively comfortable.

Forty miles later and we were picking up a mooring ball in the shadow of the Pitons.

Morning light

The yellow quarantine flag stayed up as we dropped the mooring ball in the morning for a 52 mile sail south to our next destination: Bequai in the Grenadines.

Happy to be off the dock and out exploring

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