A collection of images from street and boat life around Martinique

Fine art and fine dining at Zanzibar
Man on a wire.
Reinstalling the Furuno radar – interestingly the problem was an incomplete / failed firmware update.
Who stole the trade winds? Have seen this once in two months
That day when nothing goes well. Mechanics onboard, no progress, spend an hour cleaning up the boat mess, sandwich for dinner, then decide shower and to bed, only to discover the shower also provides access to the radar wiring.
Beast of burden
Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.
Red sky at night, sailors delight.
Traditional raised ground burials
Informed that any dream of future French citizenship was gone as nobody had ever put UHT milk in the wine rack on a French boat.
Who would have thought the largest sail loft in the Caribbean would be in Le Marin
Thinking the prior owner postponed too long changing the water maker pre filter
I think I can
Rainforest islands are always in bloom
Victor the electrician hanging out while wiring the solar panels
AirBNB for the first few days
Our first mooring ball. Thinking this rigger did not receive a knot tying merit badge
Impromptu passarelle
Captain’s Note to self: do not drink too much at dinner

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