Boat Projects

It is said that cruising is the art of maintaining your sailboat in exotic locations.

Some folks are more committed to maintenance than others.

Every captain’s nightmare so you better do a project everyday before putting your feet up.

Here are some of the boat projects undertaken over the past 3 weeks while Susan was in Park City.

Zinc anodes are sacrificial and mitigate the adverse impact of electrolysis, but they have to be changed frequently by a diver.
Victor and Hugo pulling wires from the solar panels to the main battery bank
Investigating a red warning light on the 2500 watt inverter located in the far reaches of the engine room
That time when you take the last big chunk of ice and try to break it apart but knock a hole in the ice container.
Dock neighbors showing off the insert from their water heater. Notice the new sacrificial anode on the left and the 5 year old anode on the right
Looking for a place to mount the Iridium Go satellite receiver
New running rigging 😊
Trying to find the part number to source a replacement mother board for the main saloon A/C. The global chip shortage means they’re not even available used on eBay
Fixing leaks in the high pressure regulator valve controlling the reverse osmosis water maker. Susan’s stool comes in handy again.
Painting 10 meter distance marks on the new galvanized anchor chain
Hmm not too surprising that the stereo does not work
This is how you discover there are more stereo speakers on your boat than you realized
More electricity challenges due go the ever present corrosion gremlin.
Making soap on a rope for when we’re anchored in that quiet spot and want to shower on the transom after a swim in the Caribbean Sea
Taking the 70 lb 6 person offshore life raft off the railing, getting it into the dinghy, crossing the harbor, borrowing the boatyard’s dock cart, and walking down the street to the Zodiac refurbishment and recertification center. Good for another 3 years.
Every now and then a day can be so frustrating one inadvertently snaps their toothbrush at bedtime
Yet the time sailing and at anchor makes it all worthwhile

One thought on “Boat Projects

  1. 😳
    Sorry but I enjoyed this whole post and pictures.
    Adult Education on steroids
    Btw the toothbrush was frayed and needed replacement.
    Love you guys 😎


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