More Alaska Stories

We camped alongside the wild and untamed Yukon River in Dawson City, an old gold rush mining town that you can leave a pub at 1 am, take the ferry across the river, walk to your campground, and sit outside at 1.30 am and read the paper – it’s that bright out. The next morning we headed out on the Top of the World Highway, aptly named for there is not a single developed piece of land for 100 miles, the views are 360 degrees, the gravel is decent in most places, and the border patrol outpost is a lonely place to be. So lonely in fact that the US Customs and Border Patrol Officer was more than happy to chat with us for awhile and take a few pics.

We then stopped in Chicken, Alaska, a much larger town with a population in the summer of 24. When the town was settled, the settlers felt quite a bit of state pride and wanted to name the town after the Alaskan state bird. However, none of them could agree on how to spell Ptarmigan, so they named it Chicken.

We camped outside Denali for four days waiting for the weather to clear as we’d heard a story around a campfire that the flightseeing trips were amazing and really put the vastness of Denali into perspective. Here’s a few images from out the window.

This glacier was 26 miles long!
Yes, you’re thinking we hiked up this ridgeline when in fact we’re about 3 miles away in the plane. As close as the pilot wanted to get because fog descends very quickly and he was navigating visually in the 9 passenger single engine plane.

After the mountains it was time to go in search of bears. Hmm, will we see any bears on this trip?

When I go fishing, I always ask Susan to defrost chicken for dinner. These bears didn’t have that issue!

Okay, you’re good, I’ll turn around
I’m a wee bit uncomfortable with the intensity of your eyes
You look a bit more relaxed now, whew!

All of these images were captured sitting in a protected bear blind on the side of a river in the Wrangell National Wildlife Refuge along the Inside Passage. Came across another fisherman:

Sometimes when that fish gets away you just gotta shake it off…

While on the Kenai Peninsula came across a few more bears wandering up and down the river bank.

That’s it – after 4 months in the Airstream and 10,000 miles it was time to head back to Park City

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