The Last Frontier

They say that the most interesting places are at the end of the longest road. In the summer of 2018, we loaded the Yukon with mountain bikes, kayaks, golf clubs, camping supplies, put little Coco on her happy spot – the expansive dashboard – and hooked up the Airstream for a 10,000 mile, four month camping trip through British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, entering Alaska via the Top of the World Highway and through Chicken, AK. Came down the Inside Passage via the Alaska Marine Highway, a fascinating way to spend a month seeing Alaska from and on the water.

Absolutely amazing scenery, wildlife and people. Truly the Last Frontier.

On the way to Wrangell National Wildlife Refuge, Inside Passage, Alaska
Flightseeing over Denali
Keeping my distance and Coco in the truck
Mother and Child Reunion
Majestic morning dew
The only road to Denali
somewhere along the Inside Passage
Eagle River outside Juneau
Sea Lions near Homer
Whales bubble feeding along the Inside Passage. They encircle a large school of prey fish and blow out at the same time, the extraordinary rush of bubbles forces the school of fish toward the surface and it’s lunch time.

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