Best little friend ever

As we start another new adventure, we know that Coco’s spirit will be with us every day. She was the best little friend ever and we miss her dearly for she came along on nearly every trip we’ve taken since 2008.

This made her a well traveled dog, for it included three years on the Nordhavn, 19 national parks in the Airstream, countless airplane trips to visit Grandma in Austin, and lots of time in the mountains of Utah, hiking, snowshoeing, chasing squirrels and the occasional deer.

Coco was a remarkably smart dog and she trained us well. Highly attuned to the vibe in the house, we were able to communicate with her in complete sentences, and she fully understood the difference between “Do you want to go to the beach?” (run and jump in the yacht tender) and “We have friends coming over for dinner” (run to the side deck and start barking).

After the tears, we are left with the wonderful memories and the understanding of just how much she filled our lives and hearts with so much joy and happiness.

Coco was simply the best little friend ever.

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