A Walk Across an Island

A flexibility muscle is the most important thing to have on a boat.

Having left the marina for a planned short sail to the Tobago Cays, a couple of surprise mechanical issues forced us to rethink our plan.

It’s a beautiful thing when the Genoa furler works properly

First, the Genoa furler stopped working with the big headsail halfway out. We tried everything to wake up the electric furling motor but no joy. This happened previously (an episode so bad it didn’t make it into print) so at least this time I had the right adapter for the 18V drill and was able to manually get the Genoa furled properly.

Once this was temporarily resolved, we were motor sailing with the mainsail up when I noticed the Volvo engine warning light was on – possible water in the diesel fuel. Yikes!

Checking the Racor fuel water separator
Creatively, this could be viewed as a DUI sample taken from Dragonfly. Good news is no evidence of water in the diesel

No point trying to motor to the Tobago Cays with these issues, so Navigator Susan located Salt Whistle Bay on Mayreau, a small island with one settlement and maybe 300 inhabitants.

Picked up a mooring ball, resumed the rocking and rolling, and got the two mechanical issues resolved. So the next day we went for a walk across the island.

Climbing the hill into town and looking back at Salt Whistle Bay
Neighborhood near top of the hill
The Catholic Church got the prime lot at the summit. In the 1930’s, Father Charles recognized his parishioners could not afford to fund construction of a new church, so he took a boat to Belgium and learned to be a stonemason. Returning to Mayreau, he taught the flock and everyone pitched in to build a church that has withstood time and hurricanes.
View of the Tobago Cays from behind the Catholic Church
Another neighborhood heading down the hill towards Saline Bay
Along the waterfront
Time for a swim at Saline Bay
Lunch at D View
All the locals were very friendly
Hairoun is the Vincy local beer, a good lager that paired well with red snapper fish salad sandwich that was Excellent! Got the recipe from the chef.
The art of compromise: I want a yellow house. Well, I want a blue house.
This bar has not yet been reimagined by Philippe Starck
Walking back up the hill. Hid the need to rest by taking more photos.
Returning to Salt Whistle Bay, always good to see Dragonfly still swinging on the mooring ball
Let’s go see what’s at the end of our beach
Coolest bar name ever: Last Bar Before the Jungle
Reminds me of friends in Southport and Park City – you know who you are 😊
A few ladies selling colorful wraps
Time for one last swim before sunset

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